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Typical Scams in the Moving Industry - Beware
Author: Furniture Removals   Posted: 17 September 2013


You will find scams in every industry, and the furniture removals industry with its already stressed-out clients, with carefully set-aside funds, makes it easy for con-artists to ply their trade.

A common scam run by would-be moving companies, is charging a  hefty deposit, and not arriving on moving day.

1. A man recently booked and paid a deposit to have his move done on the second last, or the last day of the month. Since those were the only two days he had available. Before he paid, the company agreed to arrive on the second last day of the month, however, this could not be confirmed after he paid. In fact, they told him on the afternoon of the last day of the month, that they could not facilitate his move at all.

2. When Amanda paid a 50% deposit, she was told that the company would arrive first thing in the morning on moving day. The truck never came, and the booking agent's phone was unavailable all day. When Amanda finally got hold of her, she was told that they would arrive the next day - which they didn't. After hiring another company to move her, Amanda was unable to retrieve her deposit from the original company.

3.  A couple were all set on moving day, after having paid their deposit, however, the moving truck never arrived at the set time. When phoning the company to inquire, they were told that the mover they had booked with, is enjoying his day off. Since the move had to happen on that day, they had to hire another company, and also never saw their deposit again.

The stress involved in these situations is mind-boggling to say the least, however, not all furniture removals are like that. By doing your research carefully, you will soon see which companies are viable and which are downright sneaky. Visit customer review sites like to find out more about the company you intend to hire, and see how customers rate them before you pay your deposit.



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