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Why You Need Moving Insurance
Author: FurnitureRemovals.biz   Posted: 02 November 2012


If you are wondering whether you should get insurance when moving, remember that no matter how careful you are when choosing the best moving company, accidents do happen. Do not assume that the moving or furniture removal company will cover any damage to your belongings while it is being moved.

Boxes can get dropped or shift during transit and no amount of research will guarantee the safe arrival of your goods. Some elements can be controlled though and when choosing a moving company you should consider how effective they are at resolving claims. Also make sure you are adequately covered should an accident occur.

Types of Insurance:

When choosing your moving company, check what kind and how much liability coverage they provide for damages to you belongings or property that is lost. When taking out additional coverage, you need to choose the type of insurance you feel comfortable with.

This is an All Risks type cover, which means that your belongings are covered for loss and damage to the goods while in transit. Any damage as a result of fire, explosions, theft, hi-jacking, break-downs and accidents will be covered. Very important to remember is goods that got damaged due to inadequate packaging will not be covered. Usually it is best to let the furniture removal company pack your belongings to ensure the insurance will cover it.

This cover would only include loss or damage to goods by fire, explosion, overturning of the vehicle and the vehicle being involved in an accident. It excludes theft or hijacking of the vehicle and would also exclude damage or loss caused by storm or water damage.









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