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Furniture Removal Tips for Residential Moves
Author:   Posted: 31 October 2012


Moving house can be a very daunting task and is one of the most stressful experiences in our lives. wants to help you plan properly to ensure you don’t run out of time and that moving house will be a pleasurable experience for you. Here are some tips by professionals and clients who have moved house many times.

     Survival Box

Pack a box or travel bag with all the necessities you might need once you arrive at your new home. Pack a pair of scissors, tape, measuring tape, wet wipes, toilet paper etc. Keep it close by so you don’t have to search for it.

Small Children / Pets

If you have small children arrange for a sleepover at a friend’s house or if you are moving to a new town, get a babysitter to help you out. Book your pets into a kennel for the day to ensure they don’t run away, moving is very stressful for them as well.


If you are packing your own house, make sure you have enough sturdy boxes (not too big – it will be very heavy). Get bubble wrap, polystyrene or old news papers to wrap your valuable items in.  You can order or hire wardrobe boxes to save time as you don’t need to take your clothes off their hangers and fold them. You can colour-code the boxes and give the removal company a floor plan of your new home so they will know where everything should go.

Less is More

This is a very good time to get rid of the junk you’ve been storing for years. Start from one side and go through all the rooms, make a list of the items you would like to take with you and donate the other items to charity.

Services, Bills & Post

A month before you are moving let all the utility companies know – telephones, internet service provider, insurance, municipality etc. You can also start the process of connecting all these in your new home. View our Moving House Checklist for a detailed list of people whom you should inform of your address change.


Pack your valuables yourself and store it in a safe place where no one has access to it. If you have close friends or relatives nearby ask if you could leave it with them until you are settled into your new home.

Moving Insurance

Ask the furniture removal company about their insurance policy. Sometimes they won’t pay for something that broke unless they packed it. It is better to take out insurance than to lose everything and start from scratch.

      Cleaning Services

Hire professional cleaning services to prepare your new home before you move in. There is nothing as bad as arriving late at night to a dirty home and you have to clean someone else’s mess while the moving company is waiting.










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